Nathan Heilman

MFA ’20 Fine Arts 3D

This current body of work, “when the storm starts stopping” reflects a moment of clarity where, like a toddler who has cried themselves to the point of reason, I am finding balance in my story telling. As a former Marine of more than a decade I feel compelled to engage in conversation about those marginalized in warfare, but the means are, necessarily, changing. With the title, burrowed from Dr. Suess, I gave myself permission to have fun with the process and, while the sentiment is still often pretty fucked up, there is a level of hope I allow myself and the work to have. Using materials familiar to my practice like cement, dirt, fire and human blood I hope to continue the dialogue while allowing for more experimental and intuitive making.

Nathan Heilman is a Boston-based artist who was born and raised in Washington State before joining the Marine Corps at 17-years-old. Nathan served on multiple deployments over more than a decade of service and since transitioning out has earned 2 BFA’s as well as an MFA in Sculpture at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in May ‘20. His work reflects extremes of the human condition and often engages those marginalized in conversations surrounding warfare. Nathan recently accepted a residency at the Boston Center for the Arts July, ’21 – ‘23.