Melanie dai Medeiros

MFA ’20 Fine Arts Low-Residency

Melanie dai Medeiros elaborates on the dissonance between reality and perceived reality in her pursuit of individual and collective memories. Memories, like our environment, are layered, fluid, and accumulative. Perceptions of memories as those of our environment can be transparent or opaque depending on the moment. Both are in a constant state of flux in visual affinity with the variable nature of paper sculpture’s malleable nature and shifting presentation. This body of work began as an introspection into the jumble of disparate images that constitute Medeiros’ own childhood memories. Realizing her own follies in her efforts to reflect an ideal of truth as it relates to her own past, she began to seek the memories contained within a particular place of her own past to narrate her story using her community to construct the story of the land through found objects and shared narratives. Examining her own memories exposed a duplicity of consciousness – juxtaposing the known with the felt. These works are documents. Each one contains the parallel perspectives of both of these ways of understanding her memories, collected and interpreted within the fibers of paper.

Melanie dai Medeiros is an interdisciplinary visual artist who currently resides in Rhode Island. Her artwork uses materials and processes that elaborate on the inconsistencies of memory both in the narrative of imagery and physicality of the material. As an unconventional papermaker, Medeiros uses layers, casts, and frames to reimagine 2 dimensional mediums into the 3 dimensional. In 2020, Melanie received her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston where she had obtained her BFA in 2003.