Magda Leon

MFA ’24 Fine Arts 2D

Magda Leon is a multidisciplinary artist. She lives a life straddling two worlds, an existence defined by the borderland. As an immigrant, she intimately understands the challenges of navigating between two countries, cultures, languages, and economic classes. This perpetual state of “in-betweenness” has deeply influenced her perspective, leaving her feeling like an outsider, yet she holds onto hope in her quest to reconcile these distinct worlds.

In her exploration, Leon uncovers a multitude of conflicting emotions: the thrill of cultural discovery, the ache of displacement, the resistance she faces internally and externally, and the lingering sense of not fully belonging. Despite societal norms discouraging art as a viable career path, Leon persists, fueled by a strong work ethic and an unwavering pride in her craft.

Through her art, Leon discovers a powerful means of expressing the intricacies of her perspective. She celebrates the beauty found in simplicity while shining a light on those who are often overlooked and marginalized. Existing within the realm of “otherness,” Leon forms deep connections with those on the fringes of society. Her artwork becomes a conduit for expressing, honoring, and amplifying their shared experiences, intertwining her personal narrative with the collective struggles and aspirations of those around her.

Somos de aqui y somos de allá, y aun no pertenecemos en ningún lugar; somos libres

Magda Leon, a Guatemalan-born multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Providence, RI, focuses in printmaking, installation, and social practice art. Leon’s work reflects her bicultural identity, which she cariñosamente refers to as “De aquí y de allá”. Recently, she was commissioned to create a series of murals depicting the immigrant experience for Aguardente restaurant. Additionally, she has an upcoming publication in Mujerista Magazine and a solo exhibition at Chalkstone Supermarket in Providence, RI.