Li Wang

MFA ’20 Fine Arts 2D

My work is based on an internally generated perspective. As my experience, and my personal & introspective view of my world, I strive to express it visually, morsel by morsel, on a path unwinding. I try to express this vision, sense, and express my perspective impacted by my environment as the social activities I engage with; as with my experience of spaces ever stretching higher. Words can be so limiting and lose meaning between languages and translations. I can only somewhat whisper it, only to lose it in the wind, gasping and grasping for the right words and air. Yet, I can see it through my eyes, and feel it flow through my arm like a seismograph from my soul either onto a page, or through some other artistic form.

Li Wang was born in China; early on educated at Tai Yuan Teacher’s College in 1991. In 1995, he came to the USA to open a solo art exhibition in West Virginia and New York City; His work has been selected to exhibit in Scollay Square gallery in Boston City Hall, Harbor Gallery Boston, Syosset-Woodbury and Bellport Community Center in NYC. He was graduating from UMass Boston with a BA in Art in 2017, and received MFA degree at MassArt College in Boston 2020.