Komal (Danica) Shettigar

MDes ’24

I have always loved doodling on any surface, whether it was a table, walls, textbooks or myself! When I learnt to use Adobe Illustrator, I found a new place to create my doodle art and with time it got more interesting to the eye. The illustrations here are artwork that took me roughly two months to complete because of the details involved, changes in the flow of lines required to go with the design and also my busy mind. Creating doodle illustrations is a hobby and I do it for myself, and the people I love. It helps me concentrate and keep my ever busy mind calm and composed, just like meditation. It helps me focus and think; moving me from a thunderstorm of thoughts into calmness and peace. I hope my artwork can take people away from their train of thoughts and help bring peace and calmness to their minds like how it does to mine. 

Komal aka Danica is an MBA graduate and an aspiring design strategist, born in Saudi Arabia. She comes from a business background and moved to the US to pursue a career that involves designing and strategizing to build efficient business ecosystems and processes within organizations that bring value to the world and help build a better future for all. Danica is currently a second year student in the Master in Design Innovation program at MassArt.