Kierra LoRayne

MFA ’23 Fine Arts 2D

The landscape reflects the ever evolving-relationship between nature and mankind. Growing up, I developed a close bond with nature as a place of play and rehabilitation. I see it as a physical environment and a living entity with its own spirit and personality. Using paint, I capture the moments and places that have held significance in my life, even if they are often overlooked by others. The flora takes on a persona as if it has its own consciousness and emotions. I seduce and transport the viewer, allowing them to immerse themselves in my painted world.

My art is not only a reflection of my deep love for nature, but it also serves as a means to bring awareness to its beauty and mystique. I hope to encourage others to see the world around them with a fresh perspective, and to form their own deep bond with the natural world. The collection of oil paintings within my thesis exhibition is a rediscovery and celebration of the wonders and enchantment of nature, as well as a visual representation of my relationship with the natural world.


Kierra LoRayne is a nature-based oil painter who embraces the fantasy of the landscape. As an Arkansas native, her inspiration is drawn from the land of the natural state. Mixing the natural with the mystic, Kierra creates surreal landscapes that captivate and transport her audience into a mythical world, focusing on the persona of the flora.