Jussi Silliman

MFA ’23 Architecture

In my artistic work, I am interested in what the globalized world can learn from the craft lineages of different hyper localized subsistence cultures. Craft carries with it a deep wisdom, carrying with it a tradition, a philosophy, an integrity, a connection to local materials, as well as essential usefulness. I have come to call my work “speculative folk art”, an imagining of an unknown culture made up of my personal background and the creative influences of the variety of friends and artists I have encountered in my journey. 

Jussi Silliman is a native of Eastern Massachusetts with Finnish Karelian and Jewish-Indian roots. He has a M.Arch from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BA in Philosophy, Architectural Studies, and Art from Tufts University.  He considers himself a generalist and his creative practice manifests itself in a broad range of mediums including (but not limited to) building, farming, architecture, food, drawing, film, sculpture and writing. He is happiest when outdoors with good friends and good eats, and is constantly on the lookout for mysterious objects, colorful characters, and good jokes.