John Millunzi

MFA ’24 Architecture

I work with materials in order to make the process of an object as meaningful as its final form. It is a practice emerging from dilemmas around resource extraction, participation, waste, work and one’s own time.

This table’s legs came from one cylinder, which came from a computer, which made the angles, which were held by the jig, which held the leg, which now holds the tabletop, which holds me.

By pushing the complexity, I am forced to see and think through each phase, each contingency.

Each phase, each contingency is touched by someone else’s knowledge which was passed on  to me. 


John Millunzi was born and raised in Maryland, USA. He studied Industrial Design at Syracuse University where he first learned how to work with wood and metal. He apprenticed in architectural millwork and furniture engineering at VCA Inc. Northampton, MA, and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at MassArt.