Joetta Maue


As an act of sustained meditation on the sublime within the everyday Maue makes work inspired by the banal and its coexistence with the profound. As she searches to find answers to the unanswerable questions, what she discovers is a world full of light and dark, sound & silence, intimacy & loneliness, and joy and sorrow collaborating in union with each other.

Major bodies of work have explored: daily intimacy & the space that can exist between lovers, the locale of the bed, the repetition & objects of parenthood, the psychological landscape of the domestic space and the form of prayer found in the dust of our homes. Maue’s image-based work explores the physical space and experience of these relationships while her text-based works explore the complicated emotions that reside within intimacy, identity & the questions of human existence.

Maue’s studio practices involve labor-intensive techniques that force her to work slowly, meticulously, and daily on the work- the finished work becomes a map of a daily meditation on these subjects.

Joetta Maue is a multi-faceted artist that has had work exhibited with galleries and museums nationally & internationally. Maue has been an invited lecturer and/or instructor at numerous esteemed institutions and is currently a Lecturer at Northeastern University, Lesley University and UMASS. Joetta lives in New England with her family. 


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