Jialin Wang

MFA ’23 Fine Arts 3D

As a multi-medium sculptor and installation artist, materials hold significance for me. I select my materials based on their unique characteristics and their rich, hidden histories. Rather than attempting to control the material, I allow it to express itself. I engage my senses to feel the material I choose, and try to transmit the feedback they provide. I express my observations and innermost self through repetitive motions in my artwork. I utilize scale, texture, color, and mixed media responsively. 

My works and installations are invitations to try to taste my life as a foreigner. As a foreigner, the concept of home becomes elusive. Since I’ve been here in the U.S, I’ve been experiencing a strong feeling toward my family which can only be described as homesickness. I use my work to express the emotions generated by the idea of home, and what it’s like, as a foreigner, to be always looking for it.


Jialin (Tiffany) Wang is a Chinese artist currently living in Boston, US. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sculpture-ceramics at UConn and continued as a multimedia artist at MassArt. Jialin uses her works to express emotional notions of home, and what it’s like, as a foreigner, to always be looking for it. Her works are invitations to try to taste her life as a foreigner.