Jane Paris

MFA ’24 Film/Video

As an artist, my work is a means of catharsis. Releasing anxieties and traumas through recordedĀ  performance and working with my body feels like a kind of ritual therapy. I combine these performances with projections mapped onto sculptural objects and nondiegetic soundscapes, aiming to elicit a visceral physical response from the viewer. My work is inspired by my love of horror as a genre, particularly the emotional release it provides.

Consuming to Be Consumed explores my complex relationships with food, and considers what it means to consume something. Through disordered eating, the love of another person, or my own anxieties, I inhabit a cycle of consumption and expulsion that feels futile and endless: a personal ouroboros.

The use of headphones for the intimate, bodily noises in the soundscape provide the viewer with a sense of closeness, of being within the body and experiencing the consumption. With the soundscape, the multiple channels of video overflowing from the table, and the tableware objects, the viewer can contemplate the dichotomy between consuming and consumed.


Jane Paris is an experimental video artist working with sound and sculptural installation. Their work explores personal anxieties and discomfort through video performance, projection mapping, and soundscapes. Her work includes found objects, fibers, ceramics, and other materials. Jane is particularly interested in using bodily gestures and performance with food and objects to evoke physical and visceral responses in their audience. Jane is based in Boston.