Jane Lincoln

MFA ’11 Fine Arts 2D

I concentrate on the precision of a color and the intrigue of color relationships. I invent a series in which color systems and experimentation keep me stimulated.

My series include abstract paintings, white-line woodblock prints, landscapes, a daily color diary which I post on Instagram, and most recently, accordion books. 

The two paintings in this exhibition are assembled bands of color which project a colored shadow onto the wall. Colors shift, razor thin edges appear, and vibrations occur. I create each work by hand-rolling acrylic on BFK Rives paper in a larger dimension than I feel the color design requires. This allows me to move the paper around to adjust the proportions of each color until they visually hold an interesting relationship. I finish with narrow accents and interference pigment. I use alliteration in the title of each painting, echoing the action of the subject color.

As a colorist, Jane Lincoln explores the relationship between hues. She invents series in which color systems and experimentation keep her ideas fresh. She works on paper in painting, printmaking, and drawing. Lincoln teaches and lectures on color theory, following the methods of Josef Albers. Representation includes Cove Gallery, Wellfleet, MA; Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY; and Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA.