James Lambert

MFA ’15 Fine Arts 2D

My recent projects have explored abstraction and visualization. The offsets paintings take a simple motif, usually stripes, and slip the imagery out of its physical boundary, wrapping around the opposite side. A small copy of the original motif hovers, letting the viewer see both conditions simultaneously. The sprayed paint sometimes participates in the offset effect or imparts a perceptual, spatial aspect to the situation. The January series involved producing a piece a day for the month of January, 2021. Each piece holds a different figuration that explores the geometry of the common form. Taken as a whole, the field of pieces mutate and mesmerize like an animation. Individually, the pieces invoke different pictorial concepts, sometimes feeling descriptive, diagrammatic or spatial.

James Lambert is a Boston-based artist working across several mediums. He received his bachelors and masters degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design (2007) and MassArt (2015) respectively. He has exhibited throughout the Northeast, Chicago and London. Lambert appeared in the 2016 New England edition of New American Paintings, and more recently interviewed Clinton King and Damian Hoar de Galvin for Eraser.