Jackie Reeves

MFA ’12 Fine Arts Low-Residency

During the pandemic, I became an American citizen and was required to study the foundations and systems of the U.S, government. I also took an oath to defend the constitution by agreeing to take up arms if necessary, against enemies, foreign and domestic. All this at a time when Americans have been engaged in a reckoning with their own history, and the sobering realization that democracy is not assured. I came to the realization that my best “weapons” are my voice, my paintbrush, and the exercising of my freedom of expression.

Plans in art and in life are constantly under revision. During my naturalization process I asked myself – what ideas can I contribute to this ongoing construction project we call Democracy in America, and what legacy am I passing on to my children and the nation? These two paintings, my first as an American, are part of an ongoing series in which I attempt to answer that question.

Jackie Reeves is a Canadian-American mixed media artist based on Cape Cod. She has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the Cape, and in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington DC and North Carolina. During the spring and summer 2022, her work was exhibited in solo shows at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury and at Cotuit Center for the Arts. An award-winning artist, she has been profiled in numerous publications, including the Boston Globe, Art New England, Artscope, and WHITEHOT magazine.