Huiquan Jiang

MFA ’20 Fine Arts 2D

The body of work Xeno indicates an exotic, peculiar and intriguing reverie. Each painting incorporates its own universe, regulation, narrative; simultaneously, an intricate continuum has been constructed throughout the synergy of the individual. It is unrestrained for Huiquan Jiang to express her selfhood by means of oil pastel, which conjures the instinct from childhood when doodle and creativeness originated. Jiang commences this series without sketching and drafting; rather it is a generating process driven by the reliance of her intuition. Consequently, it renders as the forthright shapes, multifaceted structures, along with the vagarious and animate figures that featured by ingenuous color and crude texture. Drawing for her is a state of mind, an imprint of trance, a trace of body movement, through which she investigates the compositional dialectics of positivity and negativity, linearity and planarity, presence and absence. The potential of liminality is manifested via maneuvering the intertwined subtle spaces on canvas.

Huiquan Jiang is a multidisciplinary artist working with painting, performance, video and immersive installation. Her works have been viewed at Albe Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi; La Fenice Art Gallery, Hong Kong; and collected by the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Jiang will participate in GlogauAIR, Pilotenkueche, and SomoS artist residency in Berlin and Leipzig. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in traditional painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing.