Heather A. F. Binder

MFA ’22 Fine Arts Low-Residency

I am a form-driven ceramic artist who treats ceramics as an embedded and significant element of my spiritual practice, which also includes yoga and meditation. My creative process requires mindfulness, patience, and attention to detail over time. I believe that clay has the potential to teach us about its relationship to the earth, impermanence, and transformation. My journey is in a constant state of flow and change. It is no surprise that both movement and stillness materialize in my artwork. In stillness, I notice what generally goes unnoticed. I often use photography, sketches or video to catch an image as detailed inspiration for further study. I envision the sculpture and shape of the vessel, then the carving that will enhance the form. I don’t seek to replicate the inspiring image, but to interpret it. My process of creation is a flow that builds movement, growth, structure and interaction into each work. The piece becomes an expression of the experience. I have learned to trust this process. The rhythm of marking and form-making are an active trance of intention where for me, time disappears. The finished piece often resembles objects that may be familiar to the viewer but they may not fully recognize the subject enough to put a name to it.

Heather Feiring Binder presently resides in Providence, RI with her husband and two cats. Binder is a ceramic artist and dedicated arts educator who is fascinated by the complexities of the natural world. This curiosity, along with a practice of meditation and yoga, began at an early age. Her work is a translation of natural patterns coupled with her expression of movement and flow. Binder holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University. She has shown and sold work throughout Rhode Island, Pittsburgh, London, Guatemala, and Maryland.