Halie Smith

MFA ’20 Fine Arts 2D

Physical labor is a prominent part of Halie’s world, and naturally engrained in her art practice. Emphasizing physical labor and work ethic, Halie strives to bring what she believes is at the foundation of humanity into a contemporary context. Halie experiences painting as a form of labor, which transforms her body into a tool. She finds herself drawn to the stability of environments where comradery is at the center and earning ones place must be proven through work ethic. Halie expresses in her work how she experiences masculinity, as something that can be uncovered when she imitates her environment.

Halie is a Figurative oil painter and sculptor from central MA. She is a MCLA BA 18’ Alum, as well as MassArt MFA 2D 20’ Alum. Halie currently works as a muralist and portrait painter, as well as a Firefighter on the Spencer Fire Department. Her work focuses on recording what she witnesses and experiences in her rural hometown.