Hadis Karami

MFA ’23 Fine Arts 3D

As an artist, my art is a reflection of my experiences, both personal and political, in my home country of Iran. My work explores themes of trauma, memory, and identity through intricate hand embroidery and weaving techniques. I use symbolism and unconventional materials like hair to evoke a sense of repulsion and attraction, inviting viewers to engage with the complexities of the work. I celebrate the enduring power of craft and challenge gender roles by using traditional textile techniques and materials. Ultimately, my use of textiles is a reflection of my self-awareness and desire to express myself in a personally meaningful and socially relevant way.


Hadis Karami is a textile artist currently based in New Bedford, MA. Hadis followed her passion for the arts after earning an M.Sc. in chemical engineering. Incorporating traditional embroidery and weaving techniques, her work often questions political, socio-cultural, and gender norms through the lens of her personal traumas and experiences. Hadis’ work has  been exhibited throughout  the United States. In 2022, she was awarded the Jill Slosburg-Ackerman Scholarship by the MassArt Foundation.