Hadis Karami

MFA ’23 Fine Arts 3D

As an artist, I strive to create a captivating sense of attraction and repulsion in my viewers through the power of delicate hand embroidery and weaving. My creations delve into the realities of women’s lives in Iran, drawing from my personal experiences and emotions.  At first glance, my artwork may entice with its beauty, but upon closer inspection, a darker and tragic narrative emerges. Through subtle intricacies, I invite viewers to explore deeper layers, sensing something unsettling beneath the surface. This juxtaposition of beauty and darkness challenges the notion that addressing women’s experiences necessitates darkness or chaos and sparks conversations about the complexities of human experiences, especially in the context of women’s lives in Iran.

Hadis Karami is a Mixed Media/Fiber artist currently based in New Bedford, MA. After earning an M.Sc. in chemical engineering, Hadis followed her passion for the arts. Her work incorporates traditional embroidery and weaving techniques, through which she frequently explores and questions political, socio-cultural, and gender norms. Drawing inspiration from her personal traumas and experiences, Hadis employs symbolism and unconventional materials, such as hair, to evoke a complex interplay of repulsion and attraction within viewers.