Gregory Jundanian

PB ’19 Photography

My photographic practice focuses on connection: to individuals, communities, landscapes, and to personal and collective pasts. I started out photographing the local spoken-word community of writers and performers, and then focused on barbershop communities across the Boston area. My current project explores the community where I grew up, Whitinsville, MA.

Another current project is a digitally manipulated series called Trees I Have Known. I have always felt a connection to trees. I spent most of my time as a child playing in the woods, then camping as a boy scout, and finally as a firefighter and logger in Oregon.

There is much to love about trees. They can be majestic, seemingly random but highly ordered, and magical. This series is created to celebrate and to “see” the inherent wonder in these magnificent creatures. I often wonder what would it have been like for a tree to have lived in an old growth forest before the times of people? Mystical, I am certain.

Gregory Jundanian focuses on portraiture with a concentration on community. He has organized an archival project called The Armenians of Whitinsville as a way to explore the evolution of the Armenian diaspora. Currently, he is working on a project about memory and identity, and is an MFA candidate at the University of Hartford.