Gregory J Barry

Being situated among the wooded landscape of my property profoundly informs and influences my practice. The objects and installations I create conceptually speak to sustainability, materiality, habitations and environments both natural and human-made. I think about how our anthropological history, development and identity have depended upon trees. So much so that I find curiosity in forested lumber and its manufactured intent for building houses. Primarily, I seek wood debris from residential construction and home renovations. My interests focus on structural lumber waste because of its essentiality as the ‘bones’ of our homes. I call into question the value and disposal of this waste material and its impacts on society, geography and the ecology of our planet. I think about how I can generate new purpose for this resource while respecting its origin and narrative, as well as the people, including myself, directly connected to the industries and material. From these inquiries, I realize that my childhood self sought to make and build things with found pieces of wood much like I construct today. It is important to my practice that my objects give voice to the individual character, color, natural and hand-made markings embedded within and upon each wood scrap to reveal its sub-sequential lives, ultimately engaging in personal experiences, memories and meaning.

Gregory Barry, a sculptor and installation artist living in Massachusetts, has earned degrees including a BFA, MEd and MA from multiple institutions. His work and installations have been exhibited throughout New England, New York and the Southwest. He has given talks on art and education both regionally and nationally. Throughout his career, Gregory has inspired young people to explore and develop their own artistic and creative voice.