Gabrielle Maye

MAT ’19 Art Education

Through line, contrast, and form, my creations incorporate imagery inspired by the concepts and questions of the reality we experience. My process involves imagining the collision and osmosis of our inner and outer experience. Where does our subjective inner world end and our objective outer world begin? With illustration that integrates the natural and architectural, organic and mathematical, and psychological and material, I aim to celebrate the surreal interchange of fantasy and perception. My resulting drawings embrace this rhythmic flow as one beautiful, mystifying reality.

Gabrielle Maye is a pen & ink artist based in Boston, MA. Originally from Central Massachusetts, she received her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Painting from Boston University in 2013 and her Master of Arts in Teaching/Art Education from MassArt in 2019. In addition to her artistic practice, Gabrielle is a museum educator who works with Boston-based teens.