Esta Carnahan

MSAE ’08 Art Education

​I find myself transitioning and rebirthing my identity throughout the years and facing the middle of my life.  This piece is a birth of a new vision, of both a fertile strong mother and aging elder, smiling in the face of her mortality.  She transcends this duality as she is the eternal mother goddess that weighs her life decisions and attachments against a feather, similar to the Egyptian myth of weighing the heart against a feather to judge where the individual will go in the afterlife.  On one side, the balance scale holds my attachments to my life, from spices/herbs from my deceased mother, my children’s doll toys, hair, and teeth.  On one arm, plastic toys from my son representing Mother Earth’s creations as they originally evolved in all their beauty. On the other arm, animals from otherworldly realms.   Many of the animal remains are from my family’s animals/objects/jewelry, all honoring my ancestry, family & earthly belongings and temporal time in this world.  This piece explores life cycles, archetypes/mythology, and dualities that we straddle in our balancing act of life.

Esta Carnahan graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a double major in sculpture and art education in 2004, with distinction and a sculpture departmental award.  She continued her studies at Mass Art and completed her Masters of Science in Art Education and finished in 2008 with a concentration in ceramics. She is currently starting her nineteenth year as an art teacher at Quincy High school as well as teaches yoga and world fusion dance fitness classes.   She currently lives in Weymouth with husband and 2 children and has traveled abroad to 20 countries that influence her creatively.