L.N. Adams

Woodshop Manager + Faculty

L.N. Adams’ sculptural work serves as an exploration of form which often expresses a fascination with the mysteries of reality and existence. Their work is influenced by primeval forms, ancient artifacts and the urban landscape. Ranging from playful and perverted to refined and graceful, these objects reflect a desire to understand an other world; other ways of being. 

When asked about their work, Adams says, “ultimately my practice is driven by obsession. There are times when a form is stuck in my head – I will make and remake as many iterations as I have to until it feels right. I spend a lot of time wondering what objects mean, what they represent, and how they relate not only to the body, but to the mind.”

L. N. Adams is an object maker and woodworker from New England. They create sculpture as well as functional objects utilizing traditional and contemporary methods of woodworking. Guided by curiosity and obsession, their work reveals a reverence for craft as well as material culture. They currently manage the woodshop at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where they also teach.