Edward Perkins

MFA ’19 Film/Video

My art is an outlet for me to work through internal emotions, and a way to explore and respond to the media that I have in my archive. I am fascinated by photography’s ability to document a moment with visual clarity; it can show me things in the past and places and experiences that I can’t see in person. What the photograph can’t tell me is just as fascinating. Scanning and Raw editing allows me to pull out hidden details that the eye cannot easily see, and sometimes to enlarge the image to a proportion beyond its original intent. Formally, my work considers the limits of semiotic registry and the materiality of the objects I am using. I am personally interested in queer, nonbinary identity and how those factors work with and against the existing power structures in our society. I enjoy trying new methods of creating work and I push myself to refine and expand my practice regularly.

Edward Perkins is a Florida native, nonbinary artist living in Boston with their partner. They work across multiple mediums, often manipulating them through additive and destructive processes. As a nonbinary person, Perkins is interested in critiquing structures of power as well as creating spaces of liberation, exploration, and retreat.