Dhanshree Patil

MDes ’24

Working with clay gives me peace and helps me think. It is a meditative process that allows me to connect with my thoughts and feelings. I am drawn to the beauty and simplicity of clay, and I enjoy the challenge of transforming it into something both functional and expressive. My work is inspired by my own experiences as an International student, as well as my love of animals and the family we create with them.

I have come to appreciate the importance of creating new bonds while also cherishing the memories of the past. My first artwork, a set of coffee mugs and patched work tray, represents the new bonds that migratory birds (students from different regions) create with a new land, while still remembering the warm memories of their old home.

My second artwork, a tableware set for a small perfect date with the family we create with our pets, is a celebration of the love and companionship that we share with our furry friends.

Through my work, I hope that my work will inspire others to reflect on their own experiences as migrants or pet owners, and to appreciate the beauty of the new bonds that we form.

Dhanshree is a designer with a passion for ceramics and glass. She completed her undergraduate degree at the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, India, where she explored a variety of materials and techniques. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Design in Innovation at MassArt, where she continues to explore ceramics with a focus on vivid colors and surface decoration techniques.