Damon Burnard

MA ’08 Art Education

My paintings explore ambiguity and ambivalence, among other things, including my relationship with the grid. I crave the order it provides and am seduced by its endless suggestions of permutations and possibilities. Simultaneously, though, the grid restricts, constricts, is punitive, and severe. This is also true for the structures the grid generates; the comfort and order of pattern is at the same time oppressive and dictatorial. Perhaps this is true of most structures, whether physical (houses, castles) or social (home, religion, identity). The walls we construct, or that are imposed on us, offer protection from without while imprisoning us within.

Damon Burnard was born in Sussex, England. He studied painting and printmaking at Bath Academy of Art , and relocated to the USA many moons ago. He has drawn for numerous publications in the UK and USA, and has authored and illustrated over twenty five children’s books. Damon has relentlessly drawn and painted, wrestling with line and color in an aesthetic and philosophical quest. He earned an MSAE at MassArt in 2008, and currently teaches at Needham High School.