Chantel Gushue

What Remains is a series of metal-based jewellery that focuses on crystal growth as a metaphor for an intense desire to reach an unattainable perfection, inevitability resulting in failure. Through the union of two separate entities, bone and crystal, I reveal how similar chemical actions cause drastically different results. By growing my own crystals, I am able to create a polycrystalline structure forced to conform to a mould. I use this intentionally created crystal mass to illustrate the failure to achieve the desired large, beautiful single crystal ideal. The process of ossification (bone formation) creates crystals of another kind. This body of work focuses on the cancelous bones which are found in the ends of a body’s long bones. These bones are developed by a spongy membrane that forms in a fibrous tissue in the body. Cartilage within this membrane begins to degenerate and calcify which in turn creates bone growth. In both cases, the crystals grow from an amorphous solution of their essential matter. The crystals in my analogy develop from an attempt to create order from chaos. The crystal endeavors to control the amorphous substance to grown into a rigid, perfect, and inflexible form.

Chantel Gushue is a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She received her BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Chantel’s work includes jewellery, drawings and small sculpture installation inspired by the atomical structure of crystals. She has exhibited both regionally and internationally and has spoken on several panels as an advocate for Canadian jewellery and community building. She has been (elected) Co-Chair of Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society since 2017.