Casey B. Ausman

MFA ’13 Fine Arts 3D

Intimate collages with knowing eyes implicate the onlooker as I prompt a conflict: to withdraw from the exchange or become the voyeur? My work is inspired by the offhand, reckless sensibility of cartoons and the universal accessibility of humor. I commandeer the nature of innocence to communicate libidinal truths. The clash created between innocence and the grotesque is essential to embedding the work with both desire and dread.

My aim is to create art that wallows in the liminal state of growth, and the tension generated within the human form as it contends with a harsh environmental reality. The resulting pieces resist identity, offering forms suggestive of animal, vegetable, and mineral. At its core this work investigates the abject experience of becoming, the hidden conflicts of sexual awakening, the beguiling facade of skin and what lies beneath it.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Casey B. Ausman received his Bachelors in Art with a double concentration in sculpture and painting from Southeastern Louisiana University, and a Master of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 3D Fine Art. Casey now resides in Boston, Massachusetts where he works as a multimedia artist.