Brian Christopher Glaser

MFA ’09 Fine Arts 3D

As a queer artist who pulls from personal and culturally specific histories, my work in sculpture and collage deals with concealing or not concealing gay content—highlighting the lived tension of visibility and invisibility for queer people. In distorting highly coded images, symbols, and forms of idealized, muscular, heteronormative bodies, I make work that converges on the concepts of longing, distance, shame, the confusion of physical and virtual selfhood, and the discovery and acceptance of pleasure.

Brian Christopher Glaser (he/him/his, b. 1985, Woburn, MA) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work in sculpture and collage distorts images of idealized bodies, examining the confusion of physical and virtual selfhood, fantasy, and reality that pervades visual popular culture. His artwork has been exhibited nationally in venues like the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art in New York, 500X Gallery in Dallas, Texas, ArtSpace New Haven, and the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts.