Bing Lin


I have always been fascinated by the intersection of sound and visual, and the potential for each to inform and inspire the other. During my graduate studies at MassArt, I developed my MFA dissertation, Sonic Scenery: When Sound Meets Visual, which continues to inform my ongoing multidisciplinary research.

In this exhibition, please enjoy my latest music visualization collaborations at Montclair State University (MSU) with Robert Levin, director and professor of the West African Drumming and Dancing Ensemble at MSU, and Raif Hyseni, director and professor of the Albanian Balkan Ensemble at MSU. Most video works included are created using the software Synesthesia Live which generates live visuals for music.

Double A by Robert Levin, the traditional West African Drumming rhythm is visualized in black and white circles. The music then transitions into a modern jazz composition, which is imagined as colorful morphing shapes. Double A, dedicated to Abraham Adzenyah, is a jazz fusion piece based on the polyrhythms of Gahu, a recreational dance of the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Soweto by Robert Levin, features vibrant and complementary colors, echoing the fluidity of the township in South Africa. Peace and Love by Raif Hyseni and Sarah Ward, visualizing the peaceful accordion and harp music into an organic body of deep blue and turquoise digital water. Fantasy for Accordion by Raif Hyseni with visual experiments using Hydra, an open-source live coding environment that runs directly in the browser.

Bing Lin is a visual designer, multimedia artist and educator who specializes in music visualization. She has been a member of various world music ensembles including Javanese Gamelan, West African Drumming and Dancing, and Albanian Balkan Ensemble. Bing frequently collaborates with musicians to craft abstract visual representations inspired by their music. Currently, she teaches courses on Visual Communication Design at Montclair State University.