Andrée Leduc

MFA ’14 Fine Arts 2D

Drifting has always been a creative catalyst for me. I’ve gone on many treks such as biking from Vancouver to LA and hitch-hiking from Syria to Berlin. Those travels have fueled my practice by taking me away from the familiar and providing new observations. And it doesn’t have to be international travel either. It has to do with being in a new setting with fresh voices and feeling, literally, unmoored.

There is something to letting an experience unfold incrementally and unconstrained that has appeal for me. Like my adventures, my paintings often mix unexpected languages or cryptic structures into their imagery— things that you have to ask questions of to know them better. In the past, when I have held shows or talks, I always enjoy questions like “where do you get your colors from” and “how do you think of making something this way” because it is confirmation for me that the work offers a break from the routine.

Like many, I have been unable to travel during the pandemic, but I have immersed myself in a marathon of drawing. At the time of writing this, I have completed roughly 600 small, index-card sized mixed media drawings. The scope of languages and compositional ideas within these works is epic, and I know my next adventure is figuring out how to bring their contents into new paintings.

Andree Leduc was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She lived in Montreal, Killaloo (Canada), Boston, and now resides in Muncie, Indiana. Her native tongue is Franglais, which is a blend of French and English. She received her Bachelor’s in Studio Art at Concordia University (Montreal, Qc, Canada) and her Master’s in 2D Fine Arts at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.