Alison Judd

MFA ’07 Fine Arts 2D

Rooted in the everyday, my abstract prints use color and form to embody the fantastical and imaginative landscapes of memory, vibrant and blurry at the same time.

Using thin transparent layers of ink, I transform the flat surface of the rectangle to yield depth and atmosphere. I employ handmade stencils based on leaflike forms to block out areas of the image. Some compositions dance between aerial and vertical – reading as a flat, reflective pond that reveals patterns on a glassy surface, or perhaps tree limbs one might push aside to step through a portal comprised of a silhouette of leaves.

I explore ideas of absence and presence, what becomes revealed and what remains hidden. Much like leaves, memories are temporary and fleeting, each one slightly different than the one before. Tranquil, disruptive, intimate, or routine, memories blur over time, sometimes leaving only a remnant of the place and moment in which they occurred.

Alison Judd (b. 1982, New York) is a Boston-based painter, printmaker, and curator. In 2019, she founded Gallery Tempo, showcasing local artists through pop-up gallery shows at available retail spaces in Greater Boston. She is an annex member at Fountain Street Gallery in Boston and has shown her work at 13forest and other galleries in the Boston area. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Art History from Brandeis University, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art.