Alison Judd

MFA ’07 Fine Arts 2D

As a multi-media artist, I use color, mark-making, and form to capture the gestures of everyday moments. I conceptualize my most recent body of work, be-tween, as the space where my artist-life and mother-life converge.  Each day, I take a snapshot, and instead of posting the photo to Instagram, I turn to an analog medium. I draw a sketch based on the photo in a visual journal. Referencing the sketches, I move from specific to abstract, making drawings with sumi ink and gouache. Working from the drawings, I create abstract paintings using vibrant colors and thin oil washes. The layers of paint begin to overlap as do my memories of every day. 

Like memories, the forms are reduced over time. Some elements disappear, and others repeat, until details become less important than shape, contour, and composition. The abstraction of objects and figurative elements captures the changeable and fragmentary aspects of memory. Whether tranquil, disruptive, intimate, or routine, the moments I spend with my children blur over time leaving only remnants of the past.


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Alison Judd is a multi-media artist whose work relates to the passage of time and mothering. She has exhibited at many Boston area galleries including Abigail Ogilvy, 13forest, Fountain Street Gallery, the Carole Calo Gallery at Stonehill College, and as the inaugural artist at the Alumni Art Gallery at Brandeis University. She received her BA in painting and art history at Brandeis University and received her MFA in painting and printmaking at MassArt.